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Urgent COVID 19 Vaccination invitation update.

It has come to our attention that letters have been sent out to a number of our patients from an alternative NHS source asking our patients to ring and book COVID 19 vaccination appointments as far as Norwich and Bedford.

These letters have not been generated from our practice, we have our own population invitation system in place and we are inviting as per the JCVI guidelines cohort.

We will contact you via text message or telephone; we WILL NOT send a letter.

The practice is providing our vaccination services from Springfields Events Centre in Spalding along with all other South Lincolnshire practices.

If patients would like to have their vaccinations done locally at the designated vaccination site in Spalding then please do not feel pressured to book an appointment elsewhere, however the choice is yours.

As for all patients, please do not call the practice to enquire about your vaccine, we will contact you when it is your turn to be vaccinated as per the priority groups list.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Good News for Lincolnshire – Covid-19 vaccination Programme has begun in earnest

HW2Healthwatch Lincolnshire is pleased to confirm the positive news that with the opening of more vaccination sites this week, it will mean there are 15 local sites available in Lincolnshire for residents to access their Covid-19 vaccination.

The public will be asked to attend one of the vaccination centres listed below, these most importantly have been set up to comply with health and safety requirements including social distancing.  It is worth noting that unfortunately at this stage not all 85 GP surgeries in Lincolnshire are able to offer the vaccination at their surgery.

At the start of 2021, this is the news we all wanted to hear” said Pauline Mountain, MBE, Chair of Healthwatch Steering Group.  Pauline went on to say, “getting our most vulnerable residents vaccinated against Covid-19 as soon as possible is vital, not only helping them, their families and carers to stay safe but also helping to reduce the pressures on all our frontline workers, with the opening up of these 15 vaccination centres this should now be possible”.

Healthwatch is urging residents not to telephone their GP Surgery for information about when they are likely to be invited to receive their vaccination.  “We understand that many people are keen to get vaccinated but please don’t call your GP surgery, all this is doing is blocking the phone lines of already stretched services” said Dean Odell, Healthwatch Contract Co-ordinator.  Dean went on to say, “Please don’t worry, everyone will be offered a vaccination and when it is your turn you will definitely be contacted and given a date, time and venue where to go”.   Also, we recommend that you don’t just turn up at one of the vaccination centres without receiving your booking confirmation, if you do you will be turned away.

The 15 local sites (as of 12/01/2021) will all be up and running by the end of this week and will include:

  1.  Louth County Hospital, Louth
  2.  Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham
  3.  Waddington Branch Surgery, South Lincoln
  4.  St Marys Practice, Stamford
  5.  Franklin Hall, Spilsby
  6.  Ruston’s Sports and Social Club, Lincoln
  7.  The Sidings Medical Practice, Boston
  8.  Portland Medical Practice, Lincoln
  9.  Lincoln County Hospital
  10.  Pilgrim Hospital, Boston
  11.  The Storehouse, Skegness
  12.  Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln
  13.  Springfield’s Conference Centre, Spalding
  14.  John Coupland Hospital, Gainsborough
  15.  Marisco Medical Practice, Mablethorpe

We are also aware that one of the larger vaccination sites that is still to be announced will be in Boston, this should be up and running within the next couple of weeks.

If you want to read more about the vaccination programme.  Healthwatch England have produced a useful factsheet.  This should provide you with much more information about the various vaccines being administered and should provide answers to many of your questions.  You can download it here.

More information about getting vaccinated will also be found on your own GP Surgery website or by visiting:

Latest update on Covid-19 vaccine sites in Lincolnshire – Lincolnshire CCG

Lincolnshire Resilience Forum | Facebook

If you have any further queries or concerns please contact:

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

The service can be contacted at; Tel: 0300 123 9553


Calls via Text relay are welcome

The service is open 0900 to 1700 Monday to Friday (Except Bank Holidays).

Alternatively you can contact Healthwatch Lincolnshire on 01205 820892

or email:


South Lincolnshire COVID-19 Vaccination programme – Press Release

Vac ROSince the approval of the first vaccine was received practices across South Lincolnshire have been working closely together to prepare to roll it out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, and we had hoped that this would allow us to begin vaccinations prior to Christmas. Unfortunately despite practices being ready this was not possible due to issues outside of our control at a national level.

Obviously rolling out a vaccine programme quickly on this scale across the country was always going to be difficult; however huge progress has been made. Like patients we have been frustrated that we have not been able to begin sooner, but we are delighted that we can begin this weekend.

Unlike a normal vaccine clinic that all practices are hugely experienced in running, because of the specific requirements of the first vaccine to be become available (Pfizer/Biontech) it is simply not possible at present to deliver the vaccine to every GP surgery in the country and get this rolled out quickly, and as such we’ve been asked to work together and deliver from one local site initially, and to ensure this is as accessible as possible for as many people as possible, this site will be in Spalding.

The site will be staffed by teams from all our local practices, so you will hopefully see familiar faces! Practices will be contacting people eligible for the vaccine directly and will confirm the location, time and date, as well as everything you need to know in advance.

If you or a relative are offered an appointment, please arrive at your allotted time, and note we will not be able to offer a vaccine without an appointment so please do not come without one and wait until you are contacted by the NHS.

We’d ask for people to be accompanied within the site only if it is essential, to keep the number of people on site as small as possible and make social distancing as easy as possible as safety is our priority. We would recommend that you bring a list of current medication (or your yellow book if you have one!) with you as this will help during the process.

After you’ve been checked in, and had your vaccine you will be asked to wait for 15 minutes before you can leave and as such we hope that the whole process will take no longer than 30 minutes.

Whilst we appreciate that asking our patients to travel is not ideal and it is our hope that as the vaccine becomes more readily available, and following the introduction of the second vaccine (Oxford/Astrazneca) which can be transported more easily we will soon be able to offer more options, more times, and more importantly more people the vaccine, including from your local practice, but rest assured we are doing all we can to support our community to get access to the vaccine.

For the next couple of weeks though our priority is to reach the first two cohorts identified by the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisations (JCVI). These are care home residents and staff (mainly using the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine) and the over 80’s and Health and Social Care staff (mainly using the Pfizer vaccine), but we hope to quickly move on to more cohorts in line with the timelines the Government has laid out and supply of vaccine.

In developing our response and plans we always consider the best interests of our patients, and have continued to fight the case for our community to have fast, convenient and safe access to the vaccines. We hope we will be able to provide more regular and detailed updates on the programme in the future, something which has also been out of our control.

We are extremely proud of all the people around the world who have made this vaccine programme possible, and whilst we had hoped to be one of the first areas in the country to be delivering it, we feel a huge sense of relief and optimism that soon the vaccine will be here, as we feel this marks the beginning of the end. For now, we urge everyone to keep following the Government guidelines, and we will call you forward for your vaccination as soon as possible.

Thank you

Following on from yesterday’s Vaccine update

we are still receiving lots of calls about when you will be called for your appointment.

Please do not call us - we will contact you to make the appointment.

Thank you


covid vac

We have now received notification of our first delivery of Covid vaccinations, which will arrive at the designated hub site week ending 15th January to administer alongside other South Lincolnshire practices.

There are limited supplies of the vaccine at the present time and roll out to our total patient population is going to take some time.

Those patients who are deemed as high priority will be contacted over the next day or so via text message or telephone call to book their appointment for the coming weekend.

Vaccines will be offered to patients on a strict priority basis as per NHSE guidelines. If you are unsure of this please see link below for further information:

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PRACTICE TO CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY – we urge you to wait until you are contacted so that our telephone lines can be kept as free as possible for other high priority services.

In the meantime: Stay indoors, Keep safe, Protect the NHS.

Thank you

The Partners
The Deepings Practice

Patient Information for COVID Vaccination Campaign:

The Deepings Practice are very excited to be involved in the Covid vaccination campaign. We are working with our Primary Care Network, Local Federation and other South Lincolnshire Practices to roll this out to our patient population.

At the moment we are waiting for confirmation of delivery of our first vaccination batch which will likely be rolled out at a hub location.

Once the Oxford vaccination is made available we will await further communication from the government and NHS England on the plans for delivery of this vaccine.

The practice is very keen to support the delivery of this programme locally - we do the flu clinics really well !!!

Please refrain from contacting the Practice about the vaccine - there is an eligibility criteria that we have to follow - when patients become eligible they will be contacted either by us or centrally by NHS to arrange their appointment.

As more information is made available to us - we will communicate this to the practice population, by either social media, our website or by text message direct to the patient.

May we take this opportunity to wish all of our patients a very peaceful New Year. Stay safe.

The Deepings Practice

Overview of The Deepings Practice activity during the last 4 months of the COVID-19 pandemic

Stats Jul- Oct 20

New Prescription Collection Point


(This only applies if you collect your medication from the dispensary inside the doctors surgery, if your prescription is sent to an outside pharmacy for dispensing, this update does not apply you)

We believe in convenience for our patients as well as providing outstanding healthcare.  That’s why we have invested in the latest technology out there. 

We are in a very unique position to be able to offer the following service:

24 hour automated prescription collection facility allowing our patients to collect their dispensed medicines at a time that suits them – even when we are closed!

Your 'medication ready' text message will now contain your unique PIN to enable you to access your medication from this collection point.

  • No more queuing to collect your prescription 
  • Collect day or night, weekends and bank holidays
  • We send you an SMS text message when your prescription is ready for collection, with a unique PIN to give you access to your medication

It takes just 4 simple steps to collect your medication:

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Appointments now available for the Free Flu Jab for the 50 to 64yo Age Group

We are now taking bookings for the Free Flu Jab for the 50 to 64yo age groupFlu Jabs over 50s.

All appointments are available to book online, or you can call the practice on 01778 579000 although the telephones lines still remain very busy at the moment.

The First flu Jab clinic for 50 to 64yo year group is Saturday 12 December.

Household members of shielded patients can also book in for one of these Flu Jabs.

eConsult (Online Consultations) in now LIVE !


Want to receive advice and help from a GP without having to leave the house?

Tired of waiting in a phone queue for an appointment, then eConsult could be the way forward for you …….

The Practice has now gone live with an online service called eConsult, which can be accessed by clicking on the banner above or by clicking here.

This will allow patients to access help or advice from a GP online and get a response back by the end of the next working day.

Patients will have the option to seek general advice or help for a specific condition or an administrative request such as requesting a fit note. Patients will be able to access self-help information, access local services, get pharmacy advice or get advice from their GP.

Recognising Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms

When attending your Flu Jab, please remember to:

Do It Online

GP online services allow you to access a range of services via your computer, mobile or tablet. Once you have signed up, you will be able to:

  • book or cancel appointments online

  • renew or order repeat prescriptions online

  • view parts of your GP record, including information about medication, allergies and vaccinations

  • You can still contact the practice by phone, this is just another option, which other patients have found is more convenient and saves them time.

More information including “how to” leaflets and videos of patients and why they are using GP online services are available at

To access Online Services:

1.   Create an account with one of the Online Service Providers.

2.   Provide the Linkage Key and Account ID when prompted; these details are unique to you are are provided by the practice upon request.

3.   We are currently asking patients to NOT attend the surgery to verify their identity once you have registered for an Online service.  Instead, please email with your full name, address and date of birth from your registered email account - if everything matches we will verify your Identity and issue you with your Registration Details so you can activate full access to all online services.

Overview of The Deepings Practice activity during the first 4 months of the COVID-19 pandemic


Better Health - Lets Do This!

Bue - Lets Do This 1.jpg

For more information, please click here

Need help now? - Mental Health and Emotional Support helpline


If you are feeling suicidal, it is important to talk to people about your feelings.

You can talk to:

  • To a family member, friend or colleague - sharing how you feel can bring huge relief
  • To a helpful advisor - by phoning in complete confidence and anonymity to a helpline such as the ones given below
  • To your doctor - may be able to help you or signpost you to the help you need
  • To your mental health care team - if you are already seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist or community psychiatric nurse

Mental Health Helpline - 0800 001 4331 (open 24/7)

The helpline is for people 18+ years old. If you’re feeling low, anxious or stressed and you think that talking to another person may help you cope you can call the new mental health helpline in Lincolnshire which is open 24/7.

Other helplines available when you want someone to talk to

Children and young people

Call Lincolnshire Here4You line on 01522 309120 for advice and/or self-referral to our children and young people mental health/emotional wellbeing services. The advice line is open Monday-Friday 9.30-16.30 for young people, parents and carers. Outside of these times please contact Single Point of Access on 0303 123 4000. More information about Here4You self-referral

Local help in a mental health crisis

If you are already using mental health services

If you already use our mental health services, or care for someone who does, during office hours your first point of contact should be the person that you/they usually see (a care coordinator, or named lead professional).

Their contact details, details of the care team are contained in your care plan. If you don't have these, you can contact our Single Point of Access Team on 0303 123 4000 to help you get in touch.

For out of hours support you will also have contact details for a local crisis team who can help support you. If you don't have these details, you can contact our Single Point of Access Team (details on the right).

If someone has recently been discharged from mental health services:

If you have been discharged from mental health services in the last 12 months you will have been given as part of your discharge plan what to do if you experience deterioration in your mental health again. This will explain who to contact.

If you have not used our services before:

You can self-refer to steps2change our talking therapies service if you are over the age of 16 and feeling stressed, anxious, low in mood or depressed.

If you, or a friend or relative are experiencing mental health problems for the first time and need emergency treatment or advice please go to 

During office hours,  you can contact your general practitioner (GP). Your GP is your family doctor, the doctor you would normally see if you are ill or concerned about any aspect of your health. They will be able to refer you to the most appropriate mental health service in your area. 

If you don’t have a GP, use the NHS website to locate the nearest one to you.

NHS 111 - When It's less Urgent than 999!

If you need help but don't think it's a 999 emergency, you can access NHS 111 free for advice. Go to or call 111

  • It's not a 999 emergency
  • You don't think you can wait for an appointment with your GP
  • You don't know who to contact for medical help

Face Coverings

Please here for information relating to wearing face coverings from 24th July 2020


Travel Clinic

Please click here to access our Travel page 

Holiday Picture

Repeat Prescriptions

We are no longer accepting paper repeat prescriptions due to the coronavirus infection risk. 

Please order your medications using one of the Online service providers, ie Patient Access, Evergreen Life, NHS App etc. 

If you do not have an Online Account you can register with your preferred online service provider - you will need to let us know once you have created an account so we can activate your full access by emailing from your registered email account and include your Name, Address and Date of Birth - you DO NOT need to come to the practice with ID at this time.

Please DO NOT email prescription requests to this email address as they will NOT be processed.

If you are unable to do this you can order by calling 01778 579002 but please be aware that the telephones are currently under a lot of pressure and answering time are much longer than usual.

Refuge - For Women and Children Against Domestic Abuse


The Deepings Practice have launched a safe space for victims of domestic abuse to access support and advice.

Patients of the practice can call or arrive at the surgery and ask for an appointment in Treatment Room 15. The staff and doctors will know what to do and will guide you through accessing our services in a safe way.

The scheme is in response to heightened desperate situations facing many victims who are isolating during lockdown.

Don't be alone.

Home Blood Pressure Readings

The home blood pressure reading form is available to download from our Clinics & Services page here.

Once completed, please send it to the email address on the form so your Doctor can review it.

Many thanks

We are now using Chain SMS to message patients

Chain SMS is...

A system which allows us to easily send text messages to patients.​ It means we can be much more proactive about some communications, messaging you quickly and securely, so you are not waiting around to hear from us!

Some examples of how we might use it...

  • Sending you advice at the end of a consultation
  • Letting you know we tried to call  
  • Responding to simple queries (e.g. if you had a quick question about your medication)

The practice name will always be at the bottom of the message. You won't be able to reply them. Please help us to help you by keeping your number up to date. If you don't want us to contact you in this way please let us know.

If you have any queries about AccuRx or need guidance using this applicant please visit

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