Health and Wellbeing Coaches

Health and wellbeing coaches support people to increase their ability to self-manage, motivation levels and commitment to change their lifestyle. They are experienced in supporting behaviour change and focus on improving health related outcomes by working with people to set personalised goals and change their behaviours. They work with people with physical and/or mental health conditions and those at risk of developing them.

Health coaching is a whole-age, whole population approach that works particularly well for people who:

  • have one or more long term health condition
  • who need support in changing their lifestyle to become healthier
  • want to focus on what they can do, rather than what they can't
  • want to improve their quality of life

At the Deepings Practice we have a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Coach who works with our practice to support you.  If you would like to be referred, please speak to one of our clinicians.