Microsuction is a procedure to remove impacted ear wax and involves using/wearing a microscope to see into your ear whilst using a small medical vacuum to remove the wax. Your procedure will be performed by a trained clinician working to the protocols set out within The Deepings Practice and Community Surgical Scheme, which follow national earwax removal standards.

Those NOT eligible include (but not exhaustive):

  • Complex cases: eczamous, recent perforation (within the last 3 months), chronic perforation (6 months+), polyps, keratin.
  • History of any ear surgery
  • Currently under ENT team (unless specialist said safe to proceed).
  • Ear discharge containing blood
  • Unable to keep head still
  • Hyperacusis (sensitive to loud noises)
  • Client is not of sound mind to understand/sign consent form.
  • Under 18y/o.

Procedure done at your local surgery means closer, cheaper and quicker treatment than going to secondary care or seeking private help.

This is in line with the NHS Community Surgical Scheme and therefore free to all patients from South Lincolnshire ICB. Waiting list times may vary.