How Our Waiting List System Works

At our practice, we understand that waiting for an appointment can be frustrating. To make this process more manageable and reduce the need for repeated calls, we have implemented a waiting list system. Here’s how it benefits you:

  1. No Need to Call Back Repeatedly: Once you’re on the waiting list, you won’t need to call back at 8 am every day. We will contact you as soon as an appointment becomes available. This saves you time and effort, ensuring you receive the care you need without the hassle of daily calls.
  2. Efficient Management of Appointments: Our system allows us to manage appointments more effectively, ensuring that patients with urgent needs are prioritised while also accommodating routine issues and follow-up appointments.


Our waiting times are due to high demand and the need to prioritise cases. We strive to see all patients as quickly as possible, but sometimes delays are unavoidable. Rest assured, we are doing our best to minimise waiting times.

If your condition is urgent but not an emergency, the UTC can provide timely care. This allows us to manage our resources effectively and ensure that you receive the appropriate level of care without unnecessary delays. If you have an emergency, please call 999.

GP availability can be limited due to high demand and the need to manage urgent cases. We have a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals who can address your concerns, and your GP will be consulted as needed (Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Musculoskeletal Practitioners, Pharmacists and Nurses).

GP appointments for face-to-face consultations are available. If you prefer this method, please ask reception. However, bear in mind that as these are popular, the waiting times may be longer for this appointment type.

Yes, we reserve a number of same-day appointments for patients over 80 years old, children under 2 years old, end of life and those with severe learning disabilities. This ensures that our most vulnerable patients can access care quickly when they need it most.