Chronic Disease Management

The Practice offers the following clinics for patients suffering from:

Keeping Healthy

The Practice offers the following Clinics to help keep you healthy:

Sexual Health & Family Planning

The Practice offers the following Clinics covering Sexual Health and Family Planning:

Register a Pregnancy

The process to be followed to register a pregnancy is as follows:

1.  Click here to visit the Peterborough City Hospital website to register as pregnant.

2.  Click here to complete the Self-referral form.

Once this has been done the Midwife will be in touch by the tenth week of pregnancy to book an appointment.

Please note, that in accordance with NICE guidelines all pregnant women are advised to take Folic Acid and Vitamin D supplements which are available from Pharmacies and all major Supermarkets.

Concerns During Pregnancy

If you are less than 16 weeks pregnant and having abdominal pain or bleeding, please call the Early Pregnancy Unit. They can be contacted on the Maternity Helpline 01733 677266.

Any other pregnancy related issues you can speak to your midwife once you have seen her on your notes in the section contact my midwife. Enter your message on there and it will notify them that you have a question.

Any emergency issues you must call the Maternity Helpline 01733 677266.

Baby Clinic

The Practice holds a Baby Clinic every Tuesday as follows:

  • 11:00 – 12:30 for Immunisations
  • 14:30 – 15:30 for Immunisations

You can see the nurse for immunisations.

This is a well-baby clinic and children who are unwell should see the doctor at a different appointment rather than come to this clinic. They will not be able to see a doctor for their illness at this clinic.

Childhood Immunisations

One of the most important things that a parent can do for their child is to make sure that they have all their routine childhood vaccinations. It’s the most effective way of keeping them protected against infectious diseases.

Ideally, children should have their jabs at the right age to protect them as early as possible and minimise the risk of infection.

Find out which jabs your child needs, when they need them, and what the benefits of each jab are.

Please call the surgery to make an appointment.

For more information please visit the websites below: