Repeat Prescriptions

Please order your Repeat Medication:

Using the Paper Copy: You can post your paper prescription requests in the internal letterbox next to the medication collection hatch in practice waiting room.

Via your Online Account: if you do not have an Online Account you can register with one of the Online Service Providers shown on the right of the screen

Please remember, when ordering your medication ensure you allow sufficient time for the prescription request to be processed and authorised by your GP.  This is currently 3 working days (72 hours).

Also ensure you allow sufficient time for the safe dispensing of your medication (liaise with your chosen pharmacy for their lead times) Our in-house dispensing team require a further 2-3 days for the dispensing of your medication!

Ordering your medication 7-10 days prior to needing your medication, reduces risk of running out due to supply issues or ability to collect your medication.

Should you still feel you need to discuss anything face-to-face with our Dispensary Admin Team they are available at Market Deeping dispensary hatch from 8:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Medication Review

It is very important you arrange a medication review BEFORE your review date; if you have not arranged a medication review, your prescription request may be refused.

lf you have recently been to hospital as an in-patient or out-patient and your drugs have been changed, we would recommend you check your list of medications online BEFORE your next prescription is due.

Staff do not have the authority to implement any changes or requests without your doctor’s approval.

What is a Pharmacy technician

A pharmacy Technician is a registered professional who performs a variety of functions within pharmacy.

They play an important role, complimenting pharmacists and other members of the Primary Care Network multi-disciplinary team, and will work under the supervision of a Clinical Pharmacist to manage the supply of medicines within national guidelines.

Technicians will provide instructions to help educate patients on the correct way to take their medicines, i.e Inhaler techniques, medication timings etc, to help patients get the best from their medicines and minimise the clinical risk, as well as reducing avoidable wasted medicines.

This will usually be done by face-to-face appointment, with the Technician, on an annual basis.

You may receive a text inviting you to an in-depth medication review; these are face to face appointments, please book at your convenience.