Our mission is to provide an efficient, academically sound and compassionate service to the sick; to promote good health practices within the community and to enable each member of the team to obtain fulfilment of these aims, free from unnecessary personal, professional or economic stress.

What you should reasonably expect from our Practice:

  • To receive a copy of the Practice Booklet detailing the services offered by the Practice at its two sites, and how to access them. This booklet to be updated on a regular basis and to be available on display or upon request.   An electronic version is also available on the Practice website.
  • To be treated with courtesy and confidentiality by all members of staff who will be identified to you by the wearing of a name badge.
  • The practice offers a finite number of same day emergency appointments to triage and potentially assess further patients who report that they have an urgent problem. The practice will always aspire to help patients with urgent problems where we have capacity to be able to do so. At other times, patients will be appropriately diverted to more urgent care facilities. 
  • To request a home visit if you are too ill to attend the surgery, making your request before 10.30 a.m. unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing this. All visits are triaged on the day by the on-call dr. The outcome may be that patients are allocated a home visit, or if this is not appropriate if it may delay urgent care, then patients will be advised on alternative, more urgent care pathways.  Visit requests made after 10.30am will be dealt with appropriately. You may not be visited by your usual Doctor, but you may be assured that it will be a doctor who is a partner of, or a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner employed by The Deepings Practice unless the call is received out of normal opening hours in which case the Doctor advising or visiting will be a member of the approved Out of Hours Service.
  • To have access to your medical records within the defined legal limitations.
  • To be referred to a hospital for further investigation in agreement with your doctor.
  • To have routine, authorised repeat prescription requests issued within set time frames and for dispensed medications to be also ready within set time frames.
  • Surgeries and Clinics to start on time, informing you if, for any reason, your appointment is delayed.
  • To have the right not to participate in GP Registrar or other clinical staff training.  To have the right to request telephone consultations are not recorded.
  • To have any problems you may encounter listened to and dealt with promptly and sympathetically in the first instance by our Patient Experience Administrator.

We ask you to help us in the efficient running of the Practice:

  • By arriving on time for your pre-arranged appointment and by informing Reception if you are unable to attend.
  • By treating all members of the Deepings Practice with the courtesy and respect you would expect to receive personally.
  • By reserving emergency surgeries and the out of hours service for emergencies only.
  • By notifying the Practice of any change of name, address and telephone numbers.

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